What I Do
Making it brilliant

I love design. I believe in timeless creative that serves my clients needs regardless of trends and fads. I push my clients creatively, while ensuring their vision is met and they end up with a product they can be proud of.

Contact Information
P: (714) 421-0576
E: email@curtistaylor.com

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and Identity

I help your brand tell its story and capture the attention of your audience. From creative design to creative management, I’m here for you.

and Print

I love to design in the digital space and create responsive, dynamic, and engaging user experiences that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Data and

Understanding how your users interact with your digital and print media allows me to improve conversions and reach your goals.

Some of my work
The Queue
Invoca Case Studies
Impac Print
First Team (Riviera)
Redsand Reemergence
Redsand Reemergence
My Creative Process
I work with businesses both large and small and provide a clear path to achieving their next level of success. Whether it’s providing clarity on branding, impactful packaging, or responsive and interactive websites and mobile apps, I collaborate effectively with my clients to uncover the best solutions for reaching and exceeding their business goals.


A little history goes a long way.  The path to a successful launch always starts with a little dive into the who what why when and how.


Have you ever tried to build an Ikea dresser without the instructions?  Every project I work on gets proper and efficient planning.  From wireframes to user journeys to road mapping, it’s all important and a part of my process.


This is the fun stuff.  I believe in timeless creative that serves my clients needs regardless of trends and fads. I push my clients creatively, while ensuring their vision is met and they end up with a product they can be proud of.


With over 15 years of experience taking projects from conceptualization to launch I bring knowledge and expertise in ensuring projects launch on-time and to spec.

Why me
Think. Do. Deliver.

I am a hybrid analytical and strategic creative with extensive experience in the digital space.  For over 15 years I have participated in the design and development of projects with such clients as Travelocity, Experian, Entrepreneur Magazine, Verizon Wireless, NFL Players Association, CBS, EA Sports, Hershey’s and more. 

I am passionate about my work and demand results.  I strive to increase conversion and acquisition with every project and believe that great creative is the door opener for an amazing user experience.

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I create increase
I love what I do
I deliver on time
I know a secret
Meet me
Becky Cote
AVP - Creative Group
Jenny Criggs
Marketing Manager

“Curtis sets aggressive, cutting-edge business goals and adopts an equally creative and analytical approach to tackle them. Although he is comfortable getting in the weeds of projects, he masterfully delegates tasks to his team as a means to enhance their skill set and overall career growth. Curtis makes his team and their progress a top priority, and he gives them the resources necessary to achieve the goals at hand. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Curtis when he needs additional resources for his team, and I’ve enjoyed watching them take their organization to the next level with their collaborative efforts as Curtis leads the charge.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Curtis on several projects in the last couple of years. He’s a great mentor and always willing to listen, problem solve, and provide great professional guidance. As for projects, Curtis provides timely feedback, excellent direction and praise accordingly. He’s easy to work with and very direct, no beating around the bush, so it’s easy to get things done quickly and efficiently.”

strategy & conceptualization 80%
Creative & design 95%
Team Management & Direction 85%
Development 60%
Data & Analytics 80%
Contact Information

Tustin, CA 
Phone: 714-421-0576
Email: email@curtistaylor.com
(yes, that really is my email address)