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 Producing high-quality creative that delivers results while elevating brand significance and customer loyalty.  



Creating visual assets from a strategic position so every creative element has maximum effect and purpose.


Inspiring team efficiency and productivity through inspiring and inclusive leadership and maintaining a “we” approach.


Competitive research, cost analysis and budgeting, client facing, creative scoping, wire-framing, and time estimating.


a few samples of my work


Having 20 years in the creative industry has afforded me countless opportunities to learn and grow in my skills in design, creative direction, and product development. More exciting is the knowledge i’ve gleaned watching creative both succeed and fail. Through data and analytics we gain invaluable insight that when properly understood opens countless doors of growth opportunities.

In today’s competitive landscape a creative professional must possess a myriad of skill. I bring with me both the skills necessary to take projects from concept to completion as well as the strategic experience to avoid the pitfalls wasting both time and money


case study: entrepreneur media

Creating a customer acquisition strategy that resulted in a $5.8mm increase in revenue.

Through strategic redesign, user testing, heat maps, surveys, and other user experience research tools, I was able to increase engagement from their current readers and prevent a loss in revenue despite a 50% decline in traffic. Additionally, taking advantage of redesigning two under performing products allowed for an increase of approx $5.8mm in revenue within it’s current customer roster. Creating opportunities for users to become returning visitors through a new and improved email marketing platform and content gathering feature, we called “The Queue”, boosted repeat traffic and gave the users a voice and persona we could glean from and grow with.

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curtis taylor
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